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Cosmelan Sydney


Cosmelan may be the ideal way for you to treat skin discolorations, including:

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Hormone-related skin tone changes (melasma)

  • Skin discolorations from sun damage


Cosmelan®, is the world's leading professional depigmentation treatment designed to diminish stubborn dark spots, patches of pigmentation caused by hormonal change related to pregnancy or menopause (melasma) or sun exposure induced pigmentation.

Cosmelan reduces the action of skin cells (melanocytes) that overproduce melanin to create a even skin tone.

Excellent results in the short and long term thanks to its unique dual action mechanism: corrective and regulatory.

On the one hand, it eliminates the visible spot, but also acts on the source of the problem, regulating the overproduction of pigment to prevent its reappearance.



When you come to Lavo for your treatment, you can expect personalised, caring service from a certified skincare expert. You will be resting comfortably while our expert thoroughly  takes you through the process and procedure. Starting with a Complimentary Consultation, then moving into prepping your skin for Cosmelan. Prepping of the skin starts 4 weeks prior to the in clinic application of the Cosmelan is crucial to ensure you have minimal impairment to the skins natural barrier and ensuring the skin is hydrated and functioning at its peak. 

Cosmelan at Lavo is customised to your skin needs, the process and protocols will vary from client to client as no skin is the same.  


You will return home with the mask in place and directions as to when and how to remove it, as well as a follow-up application of a specialized cream. While the mask is in place, avoid exposure to heat or direct light.

The mask will remain on your face for several hours, with the time reflecting the pigmentation problem you want to resolve.

Do not leave the mask on longer than directed. You can expect some peeling for two to seven days following your Cosmelan mask. If you are planning to attend a social event, it is advised that you have the peel a couple of weeks or more before the event.

Optimal results are reached at about the six-week mark - continuing to improve for up to 6 months post treatment.

You must use there Mesoestetic Cosmelan product protocol for 6 months post treatment and be consistent with the AM & PM skin care routine we place you on. 

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The Cosmelan treatment may be the ideal way to treat a range of skin discolorations, including:

  • Melasma (Hormonal Pigmentation)

  • Dark spots

  • Sun Spots

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Uneven Skin Tone

  • Acne scars

  • Blotchy, discolored skin


Cosmelan is a 6 month treatment program targeting pigmentation- freckles, age spots, sun damage and hormonal pigmentation (Melasma).


Our treatment includes:

  • 5 x in clinic appointments 

  • 7 x full size Mesoestetic skin care products including an exact at home skin care routine to follow 

  • Tailored treatment plan for you with full in clinic support when needed


COST: $1500 for treatment plan


Post Cosmelan application the face will fully shed, up to 95% of Pigmentation will be lifted. With in as little as 2 weeks you start to see results and they continue to improve for up to 6 months post treatment.

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